Welcome to Coventry Woodworks

In 2009 we took a year off to design and build our dream house/garage/workshop. People who know us weren’t surprised to learn that the house is a fairly modest 1600 sq.ft. while the garage, workshop and design studio building is nearly 2200 sq.ft.

This is quite simply because both of us spend more time in the studio-shop than we do in the house. We realize that our personalities won’t allow us not to spend every minute we can designing, building repairing or finishing something.

What we build divides into several groups of work. Furniture is the obvious one, with both of us having designed and built everything from beds, chairs, desks, tables and tool chests. It is what we’ve trained to do, and trained others to do. Karen has recently integrated Marquetry (the technique of using thin wood veneers to create pictures) into much of her furniture work, primarily bed headboards.

Automotive Woodwork, including dashboards, interior trim, steering wheels and full structural wood framing is another main component of the work that comes through our shop. Interior Wood Trim & Detailing including kitchens, paneling, stair trim all completed to a furniture level of detail is the other component that our training, experience and shop are all equipped for.